Where Do I Record my SEUs?

SEUs should be entered from your Scrum Alliance® dashboard:

1. Go to the “Manage SEUs….” link under “Actions.”

2. Choose your category in accordance with requirements at “Enter a Scrum Education Unit.”

3. Complete all required information. Some tips for SEUs to help avoid questions during the application review:

  • Provide URLs to the actual event or training course wherever possible. 
  • Provide book authors, trainer names, and contact information wherever requested for verification.
  • Break out books or videos to individual SEU® records. 
  • Provide a meaningful statement of why you want this course reviewed — why it helped you in the “How did this course help you develop as a Scrum practitioner?” field.

4. Some records may be started for you when you take a course with a Scrum Alliance CST®, EST® or REP®. Be sure to add your personal takeaway to complete the record.

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