How to Find a Course

Need help finding a CSM®, CSD®, or CSPO® course? No problem. Please follow these instructions and view the attached screenshots.


  1. Go to
  2. Hover over Get Certified.
  3. Scroll down to the orange bar that says Find a Course.
  4. Click on Find a Course and it will take you to the search screen, where you can choose the course type, location, and date range.
  5. Once you find a course that you would like to attend, you can click on the course title for more information, including course cost, registration details, and venue information.
  6. Scrum Alliance does not take payment for the courses; instead, the trainer takes payment for each course they hold. (Additionally, trainers, not Scrum Alliance, make decisions about any course discounts).
  7. The course costs include two days of training and two years of certification and membership with Scrum Alliance. CSM course costs also include two free attempts to take the CSM test within the first 90 calendar days of attending the course.
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