I Do a Lot of Training and Coaching. Which SEU® Category Does This Fit Into?

We have two areas that we review for CSP® applicants. One is a valuable experience that should be highlighted through updating your Scrum Alliance® Profile/Work History. The other is participation in learning opportunities where you are the student, not the facilitator. These generally count as SEUs. 

In instances where you are the trainer, these hours would best fit the experience requirement on your Scrum Alliance profile.

There are three exceptions. In these cases, your training experience can be counted for SEUs:

  • You are a co-­trainer, learning from a more experienced trainer. These hours can be SEUs in Category F.
  • You've researched and prepared training materials. These hours can be SEUs in Category E.
  • You have volunteered training for nonprofit organizations other than your employer. These hours can be SEUs in Category D. 
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