How Do I Submit a Member Article or Other Content to Scrum Alliance?

It is our goal to project the voice of our community and serve as a platform for our members and certificants to share their stories, ideas, successes, and challenges with Agile and Scrum. We have various channels through which we do that:


  • Member Articles: You must be a certificant in order to submit an article for our Member Articles section
  • AgileVox Magazine: Please review our magazine editorial guidelines prior to submitting an idea or abstract about your story
  • Webinars: We host weekly webinars on topics like Agile Leadership and Scrum Fundamentals. If you are an expert and have great presentation skills, please contact
  • Reposting Your Content: We do repost Agile experts and community members’ content which follows our own editorial guidelines and does not promote your product or business. All content considered for reposting is reviewed by our editorial committee for approval. Please submit content for reposting to
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