I Am Interested in the CTC Certification But Need More Coaching Experience. How Do I Develop My Skills?

Everyone’s experience is different. If you are just starting out on your coaching journey, there a number of resources that can help you begin:

  • Visit the Candidate CTC Google group. Ask questions or start a thread. Other participants may have already asked similar questions, so scan through topics to see whether some of your questions have already been answered.
  • Reach out to current coaches in your area to find out what mentoring opportunities exist. You could also seek out remote opportunities with a mentor in another location.
  • Visit the Continuing Education Courses page on the Scrum Alliance website. Many of our Registered Education Providers (REPs) all around the world offer courses and workshops on coaching.
  • Get involved with the Scrum and Agile community. This could mean joining user groups or attending gatherings, retreats, camps, or conferences, just to name a few possibilities. Online participation and local events may offer inexpensive or free ways to become involved.
  • The last page of the CTC Application Instructions lists specific resources for developing coaching skills.


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