What Are the CSP® Eligibility Requirements for Work Experience?

You need a minimum of 36 months of experience during the last five years using Agile/Scrum principles and processes in the workplace to be eligible for the CSP credential. This may include leading or working on a Scrum team in any Scrum role (ScrumMaster, product owner, or team member).

Steps to add or update your work experience: 

  1. Log in to your Scrum Alliance® dashboard.
  2. Go to Your Certification Profile – Edit.
  3. Under the "Work Experience" heading, click on "Add Work Experience."
  4. Complete the details for each field in the pop-­up window (Company Name, Role, Job Begin/End Dates, and Job Description).
  5. Complete the blue box at the bottom of the work experience form (required for your CSP certification application). Be sure to complete all fields. The work experience calculation for your CSP prerequisites will not pick up your work months if all fields are not completed. Choose your Scrum role, put in the dates that you held that Scrum role, provide the contact information of the person who can verify this work experience, and complete your Scrum role description. The information in this blue box will be pulled to the online CSP application.
  6. Each time you update, be sure to hit the “Update Work Experience” button at the bottom of the form.
  7. Your Scrum­-related Work Experience must total no less than 36 months in the past 5 years for you to meet the prerequisites requirement for the CSP certification.
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