How does the new path to CSP® affect my CST®, CTC, CEC application?

The new avenue for becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® doesn’t impact or alter the requirements needed to be a coach or a trainer. Applicants will still be required to have a CSP certification, whether earned through the former process or through the new Advanced education pathway.

Similar to the former application process, the new Path to CSP allows people to show dedication and commitment to Scrum. A prominent difference is putting the educator in the role of mentor, allowing him/her to better curate content to meet the needs of his/her participants. This means that, if someone pursuing the Advanced courses has the goal of becoming a CST, CEC, or CTC, they have the opportunity to work with an educator who can guide them accordingly.

Another benefit can be seen in the newly designed learning objectives. These objectives have been repurposed to be more people-centric, with a robust focus on Scrum tools and techniques. By working through this program, a prospective coach or trainer will become highly qualified in their understanding of how Scrum practitioners (DEV, SM, PO) can be highly effective in the workplace. In turn, this can translate into applicants who are even more highly skilled and knowledgeable about Scrum and its applications.

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